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The sea can look tranquil, peaceful and inviting, but when a storm comes we can feel threatened unless we are on firm ground.

Our lives often experience the same pattern.
When life is treating us fairly well we can feel
quite positive, but it only takes a serious misfortune
to change our whole attitude to life and other
people, sometimes even people we have loved.
We would mostly like a sure foundation for our lives.

This book looks at seven very important ‘Questions’ related to what we might, or might not believe and trust. These include:

  • How on Earth does a Loving God allow Pain and Suffering?
  • Do We Need to Forgive?
  • Why Would You Believe in Jesus Christ?
  • Which Love Makes the Real Difference to Life?

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“…dealing so clearly with those issues that so many of us struggle with.”
“Superb book - great to use as a study group.”
“I am enjoying it very much ... It has such depth and comfort.”
“I believe The Questions Within will lead readers to comfort, clarity, inspiration, and encouragement.”
“It is wonderful - so profound and yet so easy to read.”
“I found it very readable, thought-provoking and helpful.”
“I find the questions you rhetorically pose quite challenging, and your argument extremely interesting.”
“Loved it and it also challenged me on several levels!”
“It’s an enticing book, and beautifully crafted in terms of its appearance”
“It's great to discuss in a group and they are very much enjoying it.”

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Boxes are available with 9 or 49 books for you to resell at £7.99. This can provide a £5 donation for each book purchased for your charity to help those in desperate need.

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John Sahl - Author

About the Author

John, married to his loving wife Margaret, lives in Surrey. They share the joy of having had two precious children - Martin and Deborah.

He enjoyed a very long career in Financial Services, holding various senior management positions in his first 17 years. However, at the age of 50, John decided to leave corporate life and concentrate on providing personal financial advice to families, private individuals and small companies.

At the heart of his life, has been a passion to care for others with integrity and a quiet generosity. His Christian faith and experience has led to his involvement and commitment to numerous charitable organisations working to meet the needs of those who are marginalised and suffering.


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